Executive Council

Capital Area Speech Language and Hearing Association

The Executive Council consists of officers and committee chairpersons of the Association. The Council exhibits general management of the affairs of the association. Regular meetings of the Council are held monthly from September to June. 

The current CASHA Executive Council  is as follows: 
PRESIDENT:  Luanne McKinlay 
VICE-PRESIDENT of Audiology/Speech:  Deidre Convery-Bernard
CE ADMINISTRATOR: Deidre Convery-Bernard 


TREASURER: Elizabeth Durocher
MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn Zimmer  
NEWSLETTER: Susanne Poulette
AWARDS CHAIR: Helena Rosenstrauch 
CONFERENCE CHAIR: Denise Senick-Pirri   

WEBMASTER: Mary Stortini
STUDENT LIAISON: Alison Krawczyk